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A-Wurf / A-Litter (Borus&Canyon)           Happy Birthday zum 10.Geburtstag für meine aktiven A-Würfler. Die Familie ist so stolz auf Euch!!!

Bleibt weiter so fit :-)

  2.April 2015

Happy Birthday A-Litter!

Now, you are all 10 years old and so nice in body and mind.

The family is very proud :-)   2.April 2015

Rhodian Impressive Bror Viking
  • 26. April 2014

Jagdliche Leistung:

den A-Wurfgeschwistern

Rhodian Impressive AndoniRhodian Impressive Akani 


wurden am 26.04.2014 im Saugatter Tangermünde die "Jagdliche Eignung am Schwarzwild" bescheinigt.


Working Hunting Hounds:

Rhodian Impressive Andoni Rhodian Impressive Akani   


would be successfuly official tested of their "suitability for working in hunt with German wild boars" !


Jagdliche Eignung am Schwarzwild_Andoni
Eignung SW_Andoni.pdf
PDF-Dokument [330.2 KB]
  • 27.05.2013

Working hunting Hounds: Congratulations!

Rhodian Impressive Akani  Akani became the official recognition from the German Hunting Authorities for using as official Bloodtracking Hound of wounded game! Very difficult for RRs in Germany! Now, Akani is 8 years old - it was a long way!


Akani/ Brauchbarkeit NRW/Official Blood Tracking Test
Akani brauchbarkeit kreis.pdf
PDF-Dokument [152.9 KB]

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